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What others are saying

“Absolutely love the Wild Purpose apparel.”

“So first, I loved my Wild Purpose Sportbra. Then I loved my Wild Purpose Leggings and my Wild Purpose resistance bands. And now I absolutely love my new outfit! I use the sports bra during the day and the resistance bands every workout. So I use it during the morning and then during my workout. It has a really nice fit to it. It’s really great that whatever I train the leggings just fits perfect. So thanks Wild Purpose! Just love these Wild Purpose products! Thanks for helping me with my workouts!”

Vendela G, Hawley, US

 “It's the leggings that I didn't even know I was looking for.”

love the Wild Purpose sports bra and leggings. When I tried the Ribbed Leggings, which I’ve been using for about three weeks now, my enthusiasm has gone absolutely to the next level. In fact, it’s the leggings I was that looking for that I didn’t even know I was looking for. It goes on so lightly and easily and breaths fantastic. But more than that, the shape of the leggings is something really new for me. In the morning when I wake up and heads to the gym, my body feels curvier. So this means, I think that the Ribbed Leggings has a great fitting shape, and I can feel more comfortable in the gym. This is extraordinary. I’m sold on this. For me, Ribbed Leggings is special.

Sara A, Stockholm, SE

"Just amazing! My body loved these!"

Hello, it’s Emilia M. I have been a long-time fan of Wild Purpose’s products and have been using them since 2016. Now, this new team are just amazing! When I have a hard workout, and whenever I see sweat stains, I run! But these particular leggings, the material—the shape combined with Wild Purpose sizes—oh my God, I put it on my body, just loved it and no sweat spots!! I would wear it in the morning and on the way home from the gym. Just fantastic! The design is also really, really nice. Not too much, just perfect. I really look forward to having this in the gym because It’s a fine product, especially for my sensitive body. Thank you so much Wild Purpose!

Emilia M, New York US. 

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